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Virtual Reality Mobile Room

Escape Room Designer has a mobile virtual reality experience. VR is a real hype nowadays and more and more people want to experience the excitement and sensation that this brings.

The old commando trailer has been transformed into an educational and exciting virtual reality experience, with all your senses and stimulated in an interactive way.

The mobile VR experience can be played temporarily or permanently at your own location.

Do you have a catering business, festival or business park and are you looking for a unique one? Then this mobile VR experience is really something for you.

The maximum capacity of the VR mobile is 14 people and, depending on your VR movie, will last from 1 minute to 20 minutes. We offer the VR glasses and also produce light and sound.

Did you know that personnel activities that are organized on their own business park are not seen as company outings? And do not count as a reward for the WKR? That offers possibilities! If you want the VR mobile on location, the price is on request.


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